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Mon Ballet School


Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the most harmonious dance of all. It is designed to enable the dancer to move with the greatest possible control, speed, lightness, and elegance.

Every child can begin his journey to the magical world of Classical Ballet with creativity and fun. Kids can create patterns from a young age to express their feelings and emotions through movement. They want to listen to a story and create a theatrical entertainment which ballet and music combine.

From a young age they learn to be members of a team and they gain a sense of discipline through many ways. Also, they are active and get daily practice, they learn how to co-ordinate, they build on their balance and how to control their body in motion. Lastly, they learn how to follow instructions and as time passes kids will be proud of their bodies and what they can accomplish.

Our School follows the Russian Ballet Society syllabus also known as the Legat System, where every child can be prepared for the examinations which take place every year.  

Setting goals from a young age is always a privilege for the future.

Ages: 3,5- Adults



Modern Dance

Modern Dance is the evolution of Classical Ballet. It was created to transform that structured classical form to a more natural movement. Our school offers a free syllabus of Modern Dance which has influences from ISTD Modern Dance. It has to do with different dynamics of the body, and different energies. We use travelling steps, high kicks, leaps, and turnswhich all need strengh and flexibility.

This class emphasizes on the coordination of multiple body parts with polyrhythmic music with a very productive learning way.

Ages: 3,5 -7


Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is an expressive dance type that strives to connect mind and body through fluid dance movement. It focuses more on floor work using gravity and different mobility concepts compared to those in ballet. Dancers learn their bodies more easily as they put together more creative patterns and improvise through many different ways. In addition, they learn to trust others in class using their imagination, both personally and as a team. 


This class is based on the Limon Technique which concentrates on fall and recovery, alignment, and suspension of the body. There are no specific codified exercises in contemporary dance and the teacher creates her own class every time.

Ages: 7- Adults

Flexibility & Strengthening Class

This class provides an hour of conditioning and strength training methods that target both large and small muscles groups for stability and control, as well as stretching techniques with proper form to prevent injury and increase flexibility and mobility.

It is one of the most important and applicable methods.

Ages 8- Adults



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