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Mon Ballet School

    For Students

  • Students are expected to be polite and respect the others

  • No foods, drinks or gum are allowed inside the class

  • Never wear dance shoes outside the studio or street shoes inside the studio

  • All students should arrive 10 minutes before their class. Classes start on time so don’t be late

  • The first 15 minutes are very important as warm up and stretching take place

  • Students must always pay attention to the teacher

  • Children are asked to wait at the waiting area until their parents arrive

  • Uniform is required.  Ballet students should wear leotards,skirts and tights in the color of their level as indicated below:


  • Baby Ballet

  • Pre-Preparatory

  • Preparatory

     Pink dresss or tutu, pink tights and pink shoes

  • Primary

     Pink leotard and skirt, pink tights, and pink shoes

  • Grade 1

     Light blue leotard and skirt, pink tighst and pink shoes

  • Grade 2

     Lavender leotard and skirt, pink tights and pink shoes

  • Grade 3 

     Burgundy leotard and skirt, pink tights and pink shoes

  • Grade 4

       Black leotard and skirt, pink tights and pink shoes

  • Intermediate- Elementary-Advance

      Allowed to choose what color they want

  • All uniform should be clean and well-fitting

  • Hair should be tied in a bun



    For Parents

  • Please keep a low noise level at the waiting area while class is in progress

  • Parents are not permitted to enter the studio while classes take place as it can be very distractive for students

  • There are times during the year where parents and friends can attend classes (possibly before Christmas and Easter vacation)

  • Parents should ensure their child goes to the toilet before class

  • The tuition fees are increased every two years

  • Payments should be made in the first week of every month

  • All classes will be conducted in the safest possible manner


Ballet Examinations

  • Examinations take place in March every year, and children are prepared to take the following examinations if they wish

  • The Russian Ballet Society (UK) qualifications are ofqual accredited which means that they contribute UCAS points for entry into University

  • The Russian Ballet Society is internationally recognized



 The School will be close on the following dates:

 1st October

28th October

Christmas Holidays

Three Priests Day

Green Monday

25th of March

1st of April

Easter Holidays

1st of May

Holy Spirit


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